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The Club is open to anyone who lives or works, or did live or work,  in the Black Country boroughs of Wolverhampton, Dudley, Sandwell and Walsall.  

Do you know any 'Old wives' tales?  Know any good sayings from 'The Good Old Days?

I was told of one which said 'Rain before Seven, fine by Eleven sounds good but as we know it's not always true.  Whereas, Red Sky at Night.... has some basis in fact.

Do you know any of this kind of thing?

If so why not come along to our event where you can share your memories with other like minded people?

Come and reminisce over a Cuppa (Tea, Coffee & Sandwiches on sale).

Old wives tales

Can you remember any good old fashioned remedies?

Perhaps your Mother or Grandmother or other Family member had a 'cure' for a minor ailment or knew how to prevent some common problems?

Things like Poultice's come to mind.  I'm told that Castor Oil and similar things were popular remedies.

There must be many forgotten or almost forgotten remedies, potions and lotions, some probably for the better!

A run round the Gas Works was apparently a widely used remedy for quite a few things.

Did you know there are two common signs of Madness?

1. Hairs in the Palm of your hand.

2 Looking for them!

A new acquisition for the club an old comemorative Tablet
Originally from Bilston Girls High School additional information has now been provided

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Now online a few photos from our 2016 Christmas party together with a just for fun quiz.

2017 Programme now available

Following our recent event on Carnival Queens a film of Bilston Carnival from 1964 has a emerged see it here on Youtube

 A few photos from our commemoration of The Battle of The Somme

A selection of videos featuring Tom Larkin  
    Trevor Johnson reads a selection of his Black Country Dialect Poems

 Details of remaing Public events for 2017 now online.
We thank you for your support in 2016 and hope to receive your support in 2017.

The Club meets
four times a year, in Bilston, unless otherwise stated all meetings are at Bilston Town Hall

About The BCMC:  what we do and how to join us.

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OUR MEMORIES:  people's stories about Black Country life

Bilston's Mayoral Regalia

Reports of our older meetings can now be found in our Archives section

A Slide show featuring some photos from our recent 'Coalmon' event now online

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AGM 2015 Report

There is a lot of time and effort required to set up our exhibitions and it really is appreciated. We are planning more for next year so if you have any ideas or comments please let us know. You can contact us by e-mail bcmccommittee@gmail.com

1966 The Demise of Bilston Council also The Fight for Bilston by Tom Larkin

Memories of Industry:  stories and histories about local industry

A Memory of Jim Speakman,

A Memory of Reg Aston

A Memory of Trevor Genge

In Memory of Bill Pope updated 24/2/16

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Pictures of Some of Bilston's Mayoral Regalia